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General Construction Services


The projects listed below, have ALL been completed to the satisfaction of the Project Owner and / or Construction Management. Unless otherwise noted, all work completed in accordance with the contract schedule and / or schedule adjustments (if any) as directed by the Project Owner / Construction Management.

Unless otherwise noted, all contracts performed and completed without any of the following being applied to or issued against Abax Inc.

1. Violations or Infractions of Rules and / or Regulations governing the Work.

2. All contract value adjustments were results of add / deduct change orders performed as directed by the Owner / CM.


Project: PS 125 Manhattan
Owner: NYC School Construction Authority, 30 30 Thomson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
General Contractor: ABAX Incorporated
Description of Work: General Construction including:

Exterior Modernization:
  • Masonry Restoration Including Brick Repair, Stitching and Replacement, Brick Cleaning, Paint Removal and Repainting with Anti-Graffiti paint
  • Structural Steel Repair
  • The Removal and Replacement of Roofing: including, Slate Roofing, Bituminous Roofing, Flashing and Sheet Metal
  • Metal Fabrication and installation of Ornamental Metals
  • Replacement of Roof Drains and Associated Risers (Plumbing)
  • Exterior Lighting Modernization including electrical wiring, conduits, receptacles and switches
  • Demolition and Replacement with both New and Existing Security Guards/Screens
  • The Demolition of Window Components and the Replacement with New Window Components
  • Reglazing of existing Auditorium Windows
  • Carpentry Repair of Existing Wooden Window Frames Scheduled to Remain
  • Installation and Maintenance of Sidewalk Bridging and Scaffolding (75,000 Square Feet)
  • Hoists, fencing, Site Security

Performed additional emergency work i.e. cleaning (soot removal), ornamental plaster repair & restoration, ornamental wood window restoration, Masonry cleaning, millwork, woodwork, fabrication and installation, removal and replacement of flooring (VCT) which became necessary due to the result of a fire caused by vandalism.

Work performed on Building with Historical Landmark Significance. (SHPO - State Historic Preservation Office, (OPRHP - Office Parks Recreation Historical Preservation)

Project Cost: $2,800,000
Estimated Adjusted Cost: $3,200,000.00 (Change Orders still under negotiations)
Start/Completion: September 2001 September 2002


Project: PS 259 K
Owner: NYCSCA, 30 30 Thomson Ave., Long Island City, NY 11101
General Contractor: ABAX Incorporated
Description of Work: General Construction including:

Exterior Modernization:

  • School Sound System (PA) & School Clock System Modernizations Including Installing Raceways, Fittings, Wiring, Outlets, Junction and Pull Boxes
  • Masonry Modernization Including: Repointing (Masonry Sills & Brickwork), Lintel Demolition and Replacement
  • The Demolition and Replacement of Window Components
  • The Removal and Replacement of Exterior Wire Mesh & Expanded Metal Guards, Interior Wire Mesh Guards
  • The Removal and Installation of New Interior Window Shades
  • Interior Plastering and Painting
  • The Repair of Deteriorated Window Frames
  • Installation & Maintenance of Overhead Sidewalk Protection

Project Base Cost: $2,500,500.00
Adjusted Project Cost: $2,502,759.00
Start/Completion: October 2001 May 2002


The following is a sample of a GC project ABAX completed for the New Jersey Economic Development Authority / New Jersey School Construction Corp., which also included multiple trades:

Project: School Package # CO4 & CO5
(Elizabeth New Jersey School District)
Christopher Columbus # 15, Madison Monroe # 16, Victor Mravlag School, Halloran School.
NM Butler # 23, Battin McAuliff 75/77, Alexander Hamilton 72, Edison House 87, J.P. Mitchell / Annex.
NJ Economic Development Authority (NJ School Construction Corporation)
Description of Work: Exterior / Interior Modernization @ (9) Nine Separate Schools Including:
Masonry Work which consisted of: Brick and Lintel Repair and Replacement, Plaster and Painting of Interiors, Demolition and Replacement of Window Components, Installation of New Window Shades, Site Protection.
Project Base Cost: $ 3,274,392.00


The above information can be verified as deemed necessary by contacting the project representative. We encourage your diligence regarding confirming our work history and hope that you do so to your complete satisfaction. It is the only true test in the validity of a contractors work history and qualification statement.


****** Please Note Additional Projects and References are Available upon Request ******