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Interior Renovation

Specialty Contracting Services Including:
Restoration & Reconstruction

ABAX in addition to its commercial work takes great pride in its ability as a well-rounded contracting firm to handle all types residential window needs.

ABAX has performed interior renovation work in multifamily housing units (generally four to six stories in height) under many contracts with the NYC Housing Preservation Department on a continuous basis since the mid - 1990's. Each of our HPD contracts has been in the range of $1 million and have numbered between three and six in number at any given point in time; each of these contracts has been extended to the maximum extent possible by the New York City Housing Preservation & Development, which we feel attests to the professionalism of ABAX's field crews and our overall organization over a period of many years. Pursuant to our HPD contract obligations, we have simultaneously had crews working at up to fifty different HPD locations scattered in all five boroughs of New York City on a given day. We feel reference to our work in the residential community is important because it combines the needs for working with people who occupy an area on a cooperative basis (as is the case with most residential apartment work) with the critical need to make sure all work is completed within the period allowed. We strive for minimal disruption to occupants, owners on all of our projects whether they be small or large, commercial or residential, public or private.

We feel ABAX's logistical infrastructure that has allowed us to achieve that level of performance is what makes us the type of firm you should be looking for regarding all your residential contracting needs.

Contract CD No.'s 98C1923 & 98C6539
Bronx & Manhattan
August 1997 July 1999
Total Value of Work Completed = $1,777,703.92
Contract No.'s CD # 7957 / 7958 / 7959 / 7960 / 7963
Various Locations in New York City
July 1999 June 2000 / Renewed July 2000 - June 2001
Total Value of Work Completed = $ 4,705,055.68
Work Description: Interior Renovations including but not limited to:
Carpentry including:
Drywall (Sheetrock, Compound)
Cabinetry (Remove, Replace & Refurbish)
Door Frames (Interior & Exterior) (Remove, Replace & Refurbish)
Window Frames (Remove, Replace & Refurbish)
Stairs (Threads, Risers, Balustrades, Banisters)
(Remove, Replace & Refurbish)
Plastering & Painting (Walls, Ceilings)
Windows and Doors. (Remove, Replace & Refurbish)
Mechanical (HVAC and Plumbing)

Restoring your valued property to pre-damage conditions

ABAX INC. is committed to assist the client in restoring and reconstructing the client's property to pre-damage conditions. ABAX provides restoration services following a fire, flood, sewage spill/back up or any other type of catastrophic events.

ABAX’s Restoration and Reconstruction Specialists are fully trained and equipped with the expertise and experience in providing cost effective and time efficient services to meet your critical time frame.

Professional and competitive restoration service

ABAX’S goal is to put the property owner back in the facility as quickly as possible and to minimize any interruption. ABAX offers professional, courteous service, superior workmanship, and competitive pricing throughout your project.

Before restoration
Before restoration

Restoration facilities / personnel available for 24 hour emergency response

ABAX is sufficiently equipped to respond to any type of emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to perform roof cover ups, board ups, water extraction, dry-outs, and dehumidification to minimize loss and restoration services.

ABAX'S facilities and personnel are equipped with the appropriate tools and materials to handle all losses at any time of the day or night.

Reconstruction / restoration contractor for insurance related claims

No matter how small or complex your project, if you suffer an insurance related loss, please ask your insurance agent and/or adjuster to consider ABAX INCORPORATED as your contractor.

Experience in insurance restoration, home remodeling, commercial projects

Our Restoration Division has extensive training and experience in insurance restoration, remodeling, customizing homes, and commercial projects. We are committed to overseeing your project through from the conceptual phase of the job all the way to its finality.

After restoration
Before restoration

Specific restoration and reconstruction services

ABAX offers the following restoration services:


Please Note Additional Projects are Available upon Request